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In january this year, Jose Mourinho said he would love to coach his national side Portugal in the future and that could be the suprise at the end of this season instead of the rumor: Mourinho will join Chelsea in June. 
The portuguese had this plan from long time ago, but he trained in Spain to weak some awesome spanish players preparing the field for his national team. In the last three years spent at Real Madrid, Mou put pressure from the start on media, had some personal issues with spanish players, like Ramos, Xabi Alonso, never ceased to praise other championships like Premier league or Seria A on top of Primera Division and now one of the last bullets: he hits one of the club legends, Iker Casillas, saying that, at the end of his first season in Madrid should have brought Diego Lopez.
Jose hopes that when Portugal will meet Spain in World Championship 2014, all the pressure will be on spanish side, the hate will be on him and portuguese players will have a clear way and win.
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