Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, has bitten Chelsea's quarterback Branislav Ivanovic in the second half of Liverpool's 2-2 draw against Chelsea at Anfield this Sunday. Many people complained that his behaviour was unacceptable and isn't the first time when this is happening, but they don't know the real reason of all of this problems.
"Alien sources": In 2442 a new cult will be created and dominate the world, which will force all the football players to bite, kick or do anykind of abuse on their opponents born in the same decade as them. Because the time machine will be invented, players from football history will need to compete in this "hunting" game. The player who will do most "crimes" will survive and all others will die.
So don't be mean with Suarez, he wanna survive this "war". Evidence: Scott parker (born in1980) - faulted by L.S. red card, Evra (born in1981) - racially abused by L.S., Michael Dwonson (born in1983) - faulted by L.S. red card, Ivanovic (born in1984) - bited by L.S., Gonzalo Alejandro Jara Reyes (born in1985) - punched by L.S., Otman Bakkal (born in1985) - bited by L.S., Rafael da Silva (born in1990) -  L.S. pulled Rafa's hair
Any other fault, strong language, racial abuse or fight was by mistake or involuntary

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