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The Royal British Family has posted a job vacancy for a sous chef, a salaried position that pays around 35,000$ a year for 45-hour work weeks. The Queen is a woman of simple and modest tastes who will start the day off with a bowl of Cornflakes or Special K said, Darren McGrady, a former chef to the Royal Family. 
So, she doesen't necesarily need a super pro chef, but she's a fan of PSY and recently the South-Korean Pop Star also launched a talent search for a personal chef; and what her idol do is what she will do.
She also showed her love for PSY, over the time with things like
- dressing with bright colors like PsY
- i saw she did gangnam style on youtube(maybe it was fake i don't know)
- PSY even responded on a interview from after been asked which celebrity he would like to see go ‘Gangnam Style’. One option was the queen Elizabeth II . Since then, the 87-year-old monarch is said to have been secretly practising Gangnam Style moves much more than ussualy
- the Queen even trained his staff to perform Gangnam Style some inside sources may suggest
                                                                                                                                       Type: Music

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Plants could soon provide our electricity. In a small way they already are doing in research 
laboratories and greenhouses at project Plant-e, a university and commercially-sponsored research group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell can generate electricity from the natural interaction between plant roots and soil bacteria.
An experimental 15 square metre model can produce enough energy to power a computer notebook. 
In meantime, in Turkey a judge sentences petty criminals to plant between a couple hundred and a thousand trees  maintaining those trees for six month to a year. 
In just one year this judge, Mehmet Gülçek, has meted out nearly 60 such sentences, and 40,000 trees have been planted as a result.
If one thousand courts did this in one year, Turkey would gain 40 million trees.
So, in the next few years Turkey will become the number one country in energy resources from plants, they will have all their territory surrounded by plants like a fortress and they will dominate the world:)
P.S.: When they said the criminals are maintaining those trees they really said they will apply the knowledge learned from prison before planting, to insert that microbial cell
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Games of ..

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                                                                                                                                 Story type: Fantastic posted an interesting article where they ask themselves if Westeros and Essos (the continents of the world of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy saga "A Song 
of Ice and Fire") were set in Europe, to which kingdoms, islands and cities of Westeros and Essos would the countries and places in Europe correspond.
The result was a a well build story in which they connected Europe with the mouvie Game of Thrones or the books A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. They linked: Island with The Iron Islands, France with Stormlands, Germany with Westerlands, Athens with Pentos, Istanbul with City of Qarth, Italy with Reach and much more. 
See whole article here
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"The Dubai Police force has been showing off the latest super car to join its fleet. The arrival of the Ferrari FF, or Ferrari Four, follows the addition of a Chevrolet and Lamborghini earlier this month."
It's a long history rivality between the italian manufactureres. On I read that the italian magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini got into car business because his personal Ferrari was giving him mechanical trouble and told Enzo Ferrari he will build a better car.
The presence of the new Ferrari supercar in Dubai is more a image thing, staged by scuderia from Maranelo, Italy. I don't think any of this super cars will be chasing any bad guys, even though the top speed of each is above 200mph, considering the costs involved if something bad would happen
                                                                                                                                         Type: Auto
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2000 Fat-No beard-JR hair style (John Benjamin TOSCHAK) - Real Madrid
2001 Skinny JR (Ottmar Hitzfeld) - Bayern Munich
2002 Fat-no hair (Vicente del Bosque) - Real Madrid
2003 Fat-No beard-JR (Carlo Ancelotti) - Ac Milan
2004 Skinny JR-no beard  (Jose Mourinho) - Fc Porto
2005 Fat-No beard-JR (Rafa Benitez) - Liverpool FC
2006 Skinny-No beard (Frank Rijkaard) - Barcelona
2007 Fat-No beard-JR (Carlo Ancelotti) - Ac Milan
2008 Fat-No beard-JR (Ferguson) - Manchester United
2009 Skinny Jr-no beard (Guardiola) - Barcelona
2010 Skinny JR-no beard  (Jose Mourinho) - Inter Milan
2011 Skinny -no hair  (Guardiola) - Barcelona
2012 Skinny Jr-no hair (Di matteo) - Chelsea Londra
Fat - Skinny - Fat - Fat - Skinny - Fat - Skinny - Fat - Fat - Skinny - Skinny - Skinny - Skinny
Jr - Jr - No - JR - JR - Jr - no - jr - jr - jr - jr -  no - jr
The next Uefa Champions League coach winner for sure will be skinny because as Saturn entered in Uranus you saw, in the last few years, fat coaches didn't won because of that astrological event. As you can also notice the J.R. and no J.R. coaches look has a repetitive occurrence and this year is a JR.
So far the winner will be a skinny JR. With a complex formula from data above, i discovered that this year champion coach will not have a beard.
Who is that Skinny JR with no beard? very likely is Jupp Heynckes, so Bayern Munich will win the champions league, but if Saturn exits URanus, Jose Mourinho will win UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid
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Hashtag helpBieber

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In Stockholm, Swedish police say they have found drugs on board of a tour bus used by Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.
No-one has been arrested.
Police acted after smelling marijuana coming from inside the bus when it was parked outside the hotel where the singer was staying.
In 2009 Swedish police discovered in Linköping a 12-year-old boy for trying to sell hashish on school grounds and it was the second time police have caught the boy trying to sell drugs. Stockholm is 200 km from Linköping in south-east Sweeden.
It's clearly connected: the south-east Swedish mafia has dragged Bieber into a drug deal.
So #helpBieber :)
                                                                                                                                        Type: Funny

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1. Chronic diarrhoea could be treated using parasitic worms, a study of monkeys has suggested. Fleming’s trial in 2008 was the first to infect multiple sclerosis patients with live parasitic worms, also known as helminths, but others were also investigating their therapeutic potential.
2. Lynne Boddy can’t stand chewing gum and it should be possible to include a set of enzymes in chewing that start to break it down as soon as it is moistened by saliva. Actually, even better than that it might be better to find a fungus that can do the job because can exude whole sets of enzymes that can break down complex molecules.
3. We like music because it makes us feel good
Neuroscientists Anne Blood and Robert Zatorre at McGill showed that people listening to pleasurable music had activated brain regions called the limbic and paralimbic areas, which are connected to euphoric reward responses, like those we experience from sex, good food and addictive drugs. 

So wtf u want more? All these are connected and this is the ultimate sign : Justin Bieber posted a photo of him with Selena like they are happy back together. 
Common iluminatti, haters, conspirators and a petition or something..
this isn't possible, this is too perfect. Can't you see? Media announce we will live in a continue addictive heatly-ecologic-perfect-orgasmic-no worries life..somebody stop this......ok don't!
                                                                                                                                 Story type: Funny
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When legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen won Artist of the Year at the JUNO Awards Sunday, chances are he didn't know he would trend on Twitter quite the way he did. In fact, it's fair to say fans of Justin Bieber let the world know how they felt before Cohen could even take the stage for his acceptance speech! 
Justin Bieber fans are known for their extreme dedication to the pop icon but a disturbing Twitter trend that emerged on Monday made it seem that they had take their obsession to a frightening level. The term #CutForBieber started trending, initially as a joke started by the prankster website 4Chan. The trend comes immediately after Justin Bieber lost JUNO's Artist of the Year.
Child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein told FOX 4111 although most users know the "Cut for Bieber" prompt was prank, the affects will likely not go away quickly. 
"It’s really a very challenging message to counteract, especially it being in relation to Justin
Bieber," she said. "If someone self injurers there is an addictive quality to it."

A federal judge will retire following an investigation into an e-mail he forwarded that included a joke about bestiality and President Obama’s mother.
The judge, Richard Cebull, previously said he would step down as chief circuit judge and take a reduced caseload, but then he informed the United States Court of Appeals that he would fully retire on May 3.
He did not include the real reason.
Unknown sources suggest his retirement would be a reaction of him finding out that Tate Ryder broke up with Trenton Ducati followed by Tate Ryder's announcement of his retirement on 22nd march whilst filming latest 4 remaining porn scenes before he was
done with gay porn.

April 21st, 2013

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FBI seeks motive for Boston bomb attack. Investigators are trying to establish a motive for the Boston Marathon bombings.
The following reasons seem to match FBI's criteria:
Kim Jong-un, 30, swigs Bordeaux wine, puffs menthol Cartier cigarettes and dreams of having muscles like Hollywood hunk Jean-Claude Van Damme.
He also loves The Beatles — along with the US Harley-Davidson motorbike he inherited from dad Kim Jong-il.
Though this seems more than enough, FBI will continue their investigation.