From Jesus (type: creepy)
When legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen won Artist of the Year at the JUNO Awards Sunday, chances are he didn't know he would trend on Twitter quite the way he did. In fact, it's fair to say fans of Justin Bieber let the world know how they felt before Cohen could even take the stage for his acceptance speech! 
Justin Bieber fans are known for their extreme dedication to the pop icon but a disturbing Twitter trend that emerged on Monday made it seem that they had take their obsession to a frightening level. The term #CutForBieber started trending, initially as a joke started by the prankster website 4Chan. The trend comes immediately after Justin Bieber lost JUNO's Artist of the Year.
Child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein told FOX 4111 although most users know the "Cut for Bieber" prompt was prank, the affects will likely not go away quickly. 
"It’s really a very challenging message to counteract, especially it being in relation to Justin
Bieber," she said. "If someone self injurers there is an addictive quality to it."

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