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Plants could soon provide our electricity. In a small way they already are doing in research 
laboratories and greenhouses at project Plant-e, a university and commercially-sponsored research group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell can generate electricity from the natural interaction between plant roots and soil bacteria.
An experimental 15 square metre model can produce enough energy to power a computer notebook. 
In meantime, in Turkey a judge sentences petty criminals to plant between a couple hundred and a thousand trees  maintaining those trees for six month to a year. 
In just one year this judge, Mehmet Gülçek, has meted out nearly 60 such sentences, and 40,000 trees have been planted as a result.
If one thousand courts did this in one year, Turkey would gain 40 million trees.
So, in the next few years Turkey will become the number one country in energy resources from plants, they will have all their territory surrounded by plants like a fortress and they will dominate the world:)
P.S.: When they said the criminals are maintaining those trees they really said they will apply the knowledge learned from prison before planting, to insert that microbial cell
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