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China banned the baby name "@"
Japan banned the name Akuma (Devil) because they say that's an abuse of the parent's rights
Denmark banned the baby name Anus
New Zeeland banned the name 4life
Malaysian authorities have cracked down the name Chow Tow – which means "Smelly Head".
Norwegians threw a woman in jail when she failed to pay a fine for giving her son an unapproved name. She named him Gesher (Bridge)
In Portugal the baby name Ovnis (UFO) was banned.

Illuminati decided they don't want an Ovnis to meet Chow Tow @ Akuma Gesher to do anus 4life.
                                                                                                                                            Type: SF
They don't want an UFO to meet smeely head at devil bridge to do anus for life.

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