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2000 Fat-No beard-JR hair style (John Benjamin TOSCHAK) - Real Madrid
2001 Skinny JR (Ottmar Hitzfeld) - Bayern Munich
2002 Fat-no hair (Vicente del Bosque) - Real Madrid
2003 Fat-No beard-JR (Carlo Ancelotti) - Ac Milan
2004 Skinny JR-no beard  (Jose Mourinho) - Fc Porto
2005 Fat-No beard-JR (Rafa Benitez) - Liverpool FC
2006 Skinny-No beard (Frank Rijkaard) - Barcelona
2007 Fat-No beard-JR (Carlo Ancelotti) - Ac Milan
2008 Fat-No beard-JR (Ferguson) - Manchester United
2009 Skinny Jr-no beard (Guardiola) - Barcelona
2010 Skinny JR-no beard  (Jose Mourinho) - Inter Milan
2011 Skinny -no hair  (Guardiola) - Barcelona
2012 Skinny Jr-no hair (Di matteo) - Chelsea Londra
Fat - Skinny - Fat - Fat - Skinny - Fat - Skinny - Fat - Fat - Skinny - Skinny - Skinny - Skinny
Jr - Jr - No - JR - JR - Jr - no - jr - jr - jr - jr -  no - jr
The next Uefa Champions League coach winner for sure will be skinny because as Saturn entered in Uranus you saw, in the last few years, fat coaches didn't won because of that astrological event. As you can also notice the J.R. and no J.R. coaches look has a repetitive occurrence and this year is a JR.
So far the winner will be a skinny JR. With a complex formula from data above, i discovered that this year champion coach will not have a beard.
Who is that Skinny JR with no beard? very likely is Jupp Heynckes, so Bayern Munich will win the champions league, but if Saturn exits URanus, Jose Mourinho will win UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid
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