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The Royal British Family has posted a job vacancy for a sous chef, a salaried position that pays around 35,000$ a year for 45-hour work weeks. The Queen is a woman of simple and modest tastes who will start the day off with a bowl of Cornflakes or Special K said, Darren McGrady, a former chef to the Royal Family. 
So, she doesen't necesarily need a super pro chef, but she's a fan of PSY and recently the South-Korean Pop Star also launched a talent search for a personal chef; and what her idol do is what she will do.
She also showed her love for PSY, over the time with things like
- dressing with bright colors like PsY
- i saw she did gangnam style on youtube(maybe it was fake i don't know)
- PSY even responded on a interview from after been asked which celebrity he would like to see go ‘Gangnam Style’. One option was the queen Elizabeth II . Since then, the 87-year-old monarch is said to have been secretly practising Gangnam Style moves much more than ussualy
- the Queen even trained his staff to perform Gangnam Style some inside sources may suggest
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Thats trully amazing, do you know about my post too ?
Im happy finding one more person alike. Keep posting the same !


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