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The Israeli company, Silentium, has the technology which can actively reduce noise pollution. They say it can achieve full spectrum noise reduction up to 10 decibels.
I think this product is ordered by some politic leaders from all over the world, who, in times of crisis or other anu other reason;) they don't want to hear how  the population scream at them.
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A passenger plane at an altitude of 4,000ft over Glasgow, had a near miss with an unidentified object: The investigators were unable to establish what the crew had seen.
That was clearly the ball of penalty miss by Emmanuel Adebayor in quarter finals of Europa League in april this year.
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In april, a hamster came back from a grave in Painswick, Gloucestershire. But the type of karma from final destination movie has made his appearance, not far away from there. Few days ago, in a search for drugs during a raid on a home in Oldham, a police dog has swallowed a hamster causing the mouse a painful death(maybe it was the same hamster:) )
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This time the action is taking place in the Ural mountains in Russia where campers have found what are believed to be the remains of an Antonov plane and eleven of the thirteen people believed to be on board when it made an unauthorised takeoff last June before disappearing.
In a few days you could see the launch of a new Lost series or a movie of that kind, but done in Russian style with news story:)
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A man from California discovered a black bear in his truck. It was black indeed as "..he had both hands on the steering wheel.."(just a joke). Anyway in October 2011 police have shot and killed dozens of animals that escaped from a private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio. That was one of the last bears still alive from that zoo escape.
If you perceive the route, the bear was heading to San Diego to cross the frontier to Mexico to be free. 
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China banned the baby name "@"
Japan banned the name Akuma (Devil) because they say that's an abuse of the parent's rights
Denmark banned the baby name Anus
New Zeeland banned the name 4life
Malaysian authorities have cracked down the name Chow Tow – which means "Smelly Head".
Norwegians threw a woman in jail when she failed to pay a fine for giving her son an unapproved name. She named him Gesher (Bridge)
In Portugal the baby name Ovnis (UFO) was banned.

Illuminati decided they don't want an Ovnis to meet Chow Tow @ Akuma Gesher to do anus 4life.
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In january this year, Jose Mourinho said he would love to coach his national side Portugal in the future and that could be the suprise at the end of this season instead of the rumor: Mourinho will join Chelsea in June. 
The portuguese had this plan from long time ago, but he trained in Spain to weak some awesome spanish players preparing the field for his national team. In the last three years spent at Real Madrid, Mou put pressure from the start on media, had some personal issues with spanish players, like Ramos, Xabi Alonso, never ceased to praise other championships like Premier league or Seria A on top of Primera Division and now one of the last bullets: he hits one of the club legends, Iker Casillas, saying that, at the end of his first season in Madrid should have brought Diego Lopez.
Jose hopes that when Portugal will meet Spain in World Championship 2014, all the pressure will be on spanish side, the hate will be on him and portuguese players will have a clear way and win.
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A team of researchers of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from US, has invented a digital camera named bug-eye camera. The say the imaging system could find uses in surveillance and for endoscopic investigations of the human body or maybe some military tactics.
Anyway, the media doesen't know the real reason of this discovery. If you saw spider man the movie, you may think that they discovered a formula to teansform a person into spider-man. And that's true. But this digitial camera was the lastest thing to add and now the spider-man formula is complete. Before bug-eye camera was invented, the human subjects who tried spider-man fomula couldn't see, but now they can and they all fight for a better, safer life in the cities all over the world.
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The Royal British Family has posted a job vacancy for a sous chef, a salaried position that pays around 35,000$ a year for 45-hour work weeks. The Queen is a woman of simple and modest tastes who will start the day off with a bowl of Cornflakes or Special K said, Darren McGrady, a former chef to the Royal Family. 
So, she doesen't necesarily need a super pro chef, but she's a fan of PSY and recently the South-Korean Pop Star also launched a talent search for a personal chef; and what her idol do is what she will do.
She also showed her love for PSY, over the time with things like
- dressing with bright colors like PsY
- i saw she did gangnam style on youtube(maybe it was fake i don't know)
- PSY even responded on a interview from after been asked which celebrity he would like to see go ‘Gangnam Style’. One option was the queen Elizabeth II . Since then, the 87-year-old monarch is said to have been secretly practising Gangnam Style moves much more than ussualy
- the Queen even trained his staff to perform Gangnam Style some inside sources may suggest
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